Eva Gentner




Miriam Rose Gronwald Berlin

The dancer Miriam Rose Gronwald wears a kimono made of concrete by the artist Eva Gentner. The initially stiff costume, whose gray surface
is interspersed with delicate wrinkles, strongly resembles skin. In slow movements, the dancer responds to the composition of the cement and forms temporary sculpts/body architectures. The textile breaks at the stressed areas and draws the movements of the dance into the concrete. A fine dust lies on the floor and reproduces the footprints and dance tracks in the room. At the end of the performance, the cement kimono remains in the room.


Miriam Rose Gronwald Zementkimono KdeWe Esslingen

Miriam Rose Gronwald

Miriam Rose Gronwald

Miriam Rose Gronwald
Photo taken during a Performance rehearsal
at KdeWe Gallery Esslingen, curated by Leander Schwazer