Eva Gentner

action theory


The series "action theory" consists of drawings of found four-leaf clovers. They detail the respective abnormality of the leaf and show in botanical accuracy the 'luck'.

According to Aristotle, the goal of all human activity is a life of well-being or happiness.
The philosophical "action theory" deals with problems that arise in connection with action - especially human action. It is concerned with reasons and causes for action, with intentions and intentional actions, with the logical form of actions - and with the search for an ordering principle. It is assumed that every human action has a cause and an effect on the physical world. However, a weak point of action theory is the irrational / the unintentional / the abnormal / the coincidence:
The so-called "problem of deviant causal chains".

The series accompanies a set of short instagram stories.
These videos, a few seconds long, show the finding of a clover leaf and the subsequent removal of the fourth leaf.
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